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This post is about our plans for representing Taskcluster tasks inside the gecko tree. Jonas, Dustin and I had a discussion in Berlin about this, here I summarize what we have so far. We currently store tasks in an yaml file and they translate to json format using the mach command. The syntax we have now is not the most flexible one, it is hard to parameterize the task and very difficulty to represents tasks relationships.

Let us illustrate the shortcomings with two problems we currently have. Both apply to B2G.

B2G (as in Android) has three different build variants: user, userdebug and eng. Each one has slightly different task configurations. As there is no flexible way to parameterize tasks, we end up with one different task file for each build variant.

When doing nightly builds, we must send update data to the OTA server. We have plans to run a build task, then run the test tasks on this build, and if all tests pass, we run a task responsible to update the OTA server. The point is that today we have no way to represent this relationship inside the task files.

For the first problem Jonas has a prototype for json parameterization. There were discussions on Berlin work week either we should stick with yaml files or use Python files for task configuration. We do want to keep the syntax declarative, which favors yaml, but storing configurations in Python files brings much more expressiveness and flexibility, but this can result in the same configuration hell we have with Buildbot.

The second problem is more complex, and we still haven’t reached a final design. The first question is how we describe task dependencies, top-down, i.e., we specify which task(s) should run after a completed task, or ground up, a task specifies which tasks it depends on. In general, we all agreed to go to a top-down syntax, since most scenarios beg for a top down approach. Other either should put the description of tasks relationship inside the task files or in a separated configuration file. We would like to represent task dependencies inside the task file, the problem is how to check what’s the root task for the task graph. One suggestion is having a task file called root.yml which only contain root tasks.

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